My first blog entry

by: Matthieu Lemerre  tags: blog and orgmode  published: 04 April 2012

Update (2013/07/07): I no longer use blogger; but org-mode and jekyll; perhaps someday I will describe my new setup.

Today I have decided to create my blog. Seems like the best way to share some of the ideas I have, and things I find.

I wanted to use something that would be simple to maintain and update. My requirements were specifically to :

  • Simply automatize posting of new articles written using Org-mode. For those who do not know, org-mode is a fantastic mode for Emacs that allows to quickly write formatted text using natural markup rules. I'm so used to writing documents using it that using any other tool is painful.
  • No need to write CSS, configure a web server, etc. I have done a lot of that a while ago, but doing it well requires time, so I'd rather use a simple solution from a hosting service so that I have nothing to do except writing new entries.
  • Support for comments. An easy solution with low hassle is to serve files statically, but one of the reason why I create this blog is that I want to get remarks, useful advices from other skillful people on the Internet, and share them; for that comments on my blog entries seem like the best solution. Also, a spam filter for comments seemed necessary.

After searching for a while it seems that blogger was an adequate solution. It accepts pre-formated HTML messages that I can write using org-mode, and publishing can be done using google command line tools.

After a while, I have even found Richard Riley's code for automatic posting of org entries to blogger. It works really well; after some minimal configuration, I just have to type M-x org-googlecl-blog in emacs while in a blog post to have it instantaneously uploaded to blogger, using the correct tags etc.

His code is here:

(Before that I tried using Andrei Matveyeu's code for automatizing this from emacs:

Even if it did not works as much well, it contained interesting informations on how to configure googlecl and blogger.)

So now, I have no excuses left to fill my blog!