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L is a high-level, open-source, general-purpose and system programming language which emphasizes readability, simplicity, extensibility, conciseness and performance. The L compiler features native code generation through LLVM, and is fully documented in a literate programming style. The language and compiler are usable, but are under heavy development as new features are being implemented.

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Read more about the L unique feature set, that includes familiar C-like syntax, higher-order functions, polymorphism, and native code generation; and about planned features, including automatic type inference, polymorphism, advanced namespace resolution, a modern module and typeclass system.

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Learn to program in L by following the short tutorial. Read the fully commented source code of the compiler online, and learn about the implementation techniques in the L compiler.

Stay informed

Recent advances in the development of the compiler are regularly pubished on the blog. If you are interested in modern compiler implementation, this is the place to stay informed!


The L compiler is thoroughly documented using literate programming, which make it ideal to step in as a contributor. You can help by improving the doc, improving the website, improving the code, adding new features, or just testing the language!

Latest news

New blog article [03 Jan 2014]

TDOP / Pratt parser in pictures

Updated look of the website [30 Nov 2013]

The site now uses the 3rd version of the bootstrap framework, and has freshened its look. It is still fully responsive (i.e. should be displayed properly on your phone or netbook).

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